7th Grade Friar for a Day Visits are full, 8th grade visits will be available in the fall 2024.

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Textbook List


English Reading list


251 AP Government
261 AP US History


411-412 Algebra 1
421 & 431 Honors Algebra 2 & Honors Geometry
422-423 Algebra 2
424 Financial Algebra
432-433 Geometry
441 Pre-Calculus AB
454 Intro to Probability & Statistics
461 Honors Calculus
465 AP Statistics
466 Probability & Statistics
481 BC Calculus


381 AP Environmental Science


Click here for Summer Reading List


In order to purchase the necessary textbooks, incoming freshmen and transfer students will use the course verification form they received in May.  All other returning students will use the course verification form which is available to download in the E-Locker of their Portals account. Please read through the list carefully. Some books are to be purchased on their devices through Savvas link provided or the links also provided. If your son needs to purchase a book through Savvas, directions are attached to help with that process.
If directions are not given as to where to purchase the book, please use the ISBN number and type it into Google. You can purchase the book(s) through Amazon or any book vendor of your choosing. Please make sure that the book you are purchasing matches the ISBN number required, as well as the image in the textbook list.
All books, other than specified in the textbook list, are to be purchased prior to the first day of school.



Download and print out these forms.

Please return all completed forms to Ms. Stephanie Raynor, sraynor@enjapanco.com
Parking Pass
Every student parking in the student parking lot is required to register their vehicle and display a parking pass. To obtain a parking pass, please use the link below. There is a $30 fee for the pass. Your student will be contacted by Mrs. Raynor when the pass is ready to be picked up.




Each student is required to use an iPad for instruction and assignments.  If a student does not already own a device that meets the required specifications, then he will have to purchase an iPad. The iPad specifications can be found by clicking HERE
*Families will purchase an iPad directly from their vendor of choice.
*The iPad Mini is not permitted for use by the school, because the screen is too small for schoolwork.
*Archbishop Curley High School requires that each iPad also have a protective case. A keyboard is recommended, but not required.

iPAD Training

All new incoming students need to complete the iPad training (instructions below) by August 21, 2023.

Click here to find out more about iPad Training