2022 - 23个奖项

圣格雷戈里合唱奖 – James Confer

National School Choral Award – Peter Zito



的 Curley Choral Program’s purpose is threefold:

  1. To provide students training in the ancient art of choral singing;
  2. 透过参与表演团体,发展音乐修养及提供音乐体验;
  3. 在音乐会演出中分享合唱音乐的天赋,并与其他学校活动相结合,为十大正规彩票平台社区服务.

Our program is geared to train students with no prior singing experience. 事实上, 柯利合唱团很少遇到有过合唱经历的新成员. New members, therefore, should not be dissuaded by a lack of singing experience. 正规的玩彩平台会训练你!!!

的 2022 Curley Choir sings Leonard Cohen’s “哈利路亚.”


的 full Curley Choir sings “Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears”   Click 在这里

的 Curley Schola sings “首页 On A Cloud.“点击 在这里

Luminare合唱团 sings Locke’s “Let God Arise.“点击 在这里

的 Curley Ringers H和bell Choir plays “As 的 Deer.“点击 在这里



点击查看 的 大主教柯利高中 Choir

的成员 的 大主教柯利高中 Schola

点击查看 的 大主教柯利高中 Luminare Choir

点击查看 的 大主教柯利高中 H和bell Choir



十大正规彩票平台 Choir was founded in 1996.  As a result of the talent 和 dedication of the Choir’s charter members, 唱诗班, in its initial seasons of existence, earned a place alongside Curley’s other performing ensembles.  合唱团曾在梅尔霍夫交响音乐厅与巴尔的摩交响乐团合作演出, at the College of Notre Dame of Maryl和 和 at the University of Maryl和 at 巴尔的摩.  的 Choir continues to grow in scope 和 membership, 正规的玩彩平台很荣幸为即将入学的学生提供成为这个重要组织一员的机会.



  1. 的 大主教柯利高中 Choir 
    This Choir is comprised of current Curley students in grades nine through twelve.  合唱团表演主流合唱文学作品,由大约80名学生组成.
  2. 大主教柯利·斯科拉
    合唱团由目前的柯利学生组成,他们被邀请成为基于音乐敏锐度和表现出的奉献精神的成员.  的 Schola rehearses after school two days each week.  的 Schola specializes in the performance of 美中不足 music 和 consists of approximately fourteen (14) students.  合唱团排演的日期和日期列在合唱节目目录的演出和特别排演时间表之后.
  3. Luminare合唱团
    Luminare合唱团由特邀的Curley学生和特邀的Curley合唱团校友组成,他们在合唱方面拥有很高的技能.  All members are required to be fluent sight readers.  Luminare合唱团 performs intricate choral music in a variety of venues, 尤其是礼拜仪式.  Luminare合唱团排练的日期和日期列在合唱节目目录的演出和特别排练时间表之后.
  4. 大主教柯利·林格斯
    的 Ringers are a h和bell choir which trains students in the art of h和bell ringing.  Membership is open to all current students enrolled in the choral music program at Curley.  林格乐队在圣诞节和春季合唱音乐会以及整个季节的各种其他时间演出.


如上所述, 柯利合唱团的新成员不需要有任何歌唱经验.  需要什么, 然而, 是否愿意学习并承诺忠实地参加所有的排练和演出.  Commitment in this regard is essential because:

  1. 的 choirs are performing organizations 和, 才能正常工作, require the regular attendance of their members at rehearsals 和 performances.  这是绝对必要的, because each chorister needs to learn the skills 和 the music taught in each rehearsal.  很明显, 为了使合唱团的表演达到标准,每个成员也需要出席每次演出.  请记住, 在排练或演出中,根本没有办法替代失踪的歌手.
  2. 的 choirs are teams, just as surely as any athletic team.  In order for the team to do its best, 每个成员都有责任为他的团队和团队所代表的学校做出贡献.  在唱诗班的背景下, this can only be accomplished by attending all rehearsals 和 performances.
  3. Responsibility is a key lesson taught by membership in the any of the Curley choirs.  Each member is expected to “pull his own weight”.  This lesson will help the student’s outlook 和 performance in his school, in his family 和 in the workplace.


As noted in the school’s course catalog, 成功完成柯利合唱团课程的学生每学年可获得一(1)学分.  因为柯利合唱团是一个学术班,就像学校课程中的任何其他科目一样, 大主教柯利高中的所有学术课程要求也适用于合唱团.

Grades will be assessed each quarter based upon the student’s work in the Choir class.  被邀请加入大主教柯利合唱团的唱诗班成员被授予荣誉等级学分.

新生唱诗班成员应注意,柯利合唱团的成员资格符合学校的新生美术要求, provided that the chorister receives a passing grade for his work in the Choir.  新生合唱团是免费的, 当然, to take other 美术 electives available to freshmen, 如Frosh Instrument(乐队), Art Seminar or Music Appreciation.  If a freshman chorister elects to take one of these additional 美术 electives, he will receive extra credit 和 his GPA 和 QPA will be computed accordingly.  新生谁选择采取柯利合唱团和谁不采取额外的新生美术选修课将收到两(2)额外的自习室每六天的时间表周期.

荣誉 & 奖


圣格雷戈里合唱奖 是由唱诗班指挥颁发给一个在音乐上表现出一贯卓越和奉献精神的即将毕业的学生.  的 award is presented at the Baccalaureate Mass.

全国学校合唱奖 is bestowed upon the graduating senior who, 由全体唱诗班成员投票决定, subject to the Choirmaster’s approval, has made the most significant contributions to the Curley Choir.  的 award is presented at the Performing Ensembles Award Ceremony.

最杰出青年, 最杰出大二学生最杰出新生 awards are bestowed upon the member of each class who, 由全体唱诗班成员投票决定, subject to the Choirmaster’s approval, 对柯利合唱团贡献最大的同学是谁.  的se awards are presented at the Performing Ensembles Award Ceremony.

会员奖授予成功通过与每个会员级别相关的音乐成就水平测试的唱诗班.  这些级别的成员是由挂在唱诗班奖章上的丝带的颜色来象征的,唱诗班奖章是唱诗班正式和礼拜制服的一部分.  的 levels of membership 和 the ribbon colors associated with each, 按升序排列, 是:

  • Junior Singer (light blue ribbon)
  • 资深歌手(深蓝色丝带)
  • 全唱诗班(红丝带)
  • Distinguished Chorister (yellow ribbon)
  • Choirmaster’s Chorister (green ribbon)

的se awards are acknowledged at the annual Performing Ensembles Awards Ceremony.


的 Choirmaster is always keen to hear from prospective members 和 their families.  如果您想了解更多信息或对大主教柯利合唱音乐节目有任何疑问, 请与唱诗班指挥联络, 迈克尔·加夫.  的 Choirmaster’s email address is as follows: mgaffney@enjapanco.com.


As part of its academic curriculum, the Curley choral program offers to all choristers a masterclass, usually held in the spring of each academic year.  大师班带来了世界一流的合唱指挥到柯利校园花了两天的时间与正规的玩彩平台的合唱团密集工作.  传统上, a mini-concert is presented for the masterclass clinician to assess, 这个评估之后是强调合唱教学法和音乐诠释的课程.  让正规的玩彩平台的年轻唱诗班接受世界著名音乐家的指导是正规的玩彩平台的唱诗班们一生难忘的经历.  Past MasterClass clinicians have included Dr. 斯蒂芬·克利奥伯里博士. Gerre Hancock和Dr. 狮子座C. 长者.


一个很好的, cohesive performing ensemble can only be forged by hard work, 奉献与实践, 实践, 实践.  的se are the reasons why the choirs rehearse frequently, 为什么他们的演出如此频繁,为什么他们的成员被要求参加一个学术音乐项目.  正规的玩彩平台的合唱团夏令营项目, which include Fall Mini-Choir Camp, Spring Mini-Choir Camp 和 Summer Choir camp, are designed to provide opportunities for 实践, 表演与音乐学习.  除了, 共同生活的经历也培养了合唱团成员之间的团队精神和团契精神,极大地增强了合唱团的音乐凝聚力和音乐使命感.  唱诗班指挥有权拒绝任何唱诗班团员参加合唱团营活动, in the Choirmaster’s sole discretion, is unfit due to a demonstrated lack of maturity.  成功参加这些夏令营将对柯利合唱团唱诗班的成绩产生积极的影响.

Through the dedication of parent 和 alumni volunteers, the prices of these programs are kept to a bare minimum, making participation in these programs a possibility for every member.